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Terre de Jeux 2024

Updated: May 18

Monday 05/13/2024, the students participated in a friendly meeting organized by the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem, with five schools in Jerusalem which teach French. I had the pleasure of accompanying and supporting them, with their classmates and with the concern of Ms. Richard and Ms. Ybarra. Ms. Roumi was unable to be present due to training, which did not prevent her from coaching the students.

I was already proud of the students and Monday morning I saw incredible unity in the women's team. Some had little practice, and I know their captain trained them beforehand. The girls pushed themselves from match to match, playing better and better and the goalkeeper was remarkable. They came 2nd in the ranking out of 4. I congratulate them! I was also able to see that the students knew how to work independently, and that everyone behaved respectfully and with a lot of motivation.

Among the boys, the desire to give the best was also present, I would add that the goalkeepers were exemplary.

Sport remains a beautiful school of life and at LFJ victory is not our final objective but first and foremost cooperation, solidarity, team spirit and respect for others. Pierre de Coubertin said it well, “the important thing is to participate”. I hope that an LFJ women’s football team is born. She can count on our support.

Ms. Baya BALI, Principal of L.F.J

(To watch the video, click on the logo below)

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