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This year, we are offering families several solutions to pay the 2022/2023 tuition fees.


Please choose the method that suits you best, inform the Administrative and Financial Director (DAF) and ensure that your tuition fees are paid no later than two weeks after receipt of the annual invoice and /or payment reminders. For any payment, you will receive a receipt and a statement of the status of your payments.


Tuition fees to be paid as follows: 25% for the bimonthly period from September to October 2022 25% for the bimonthly period from November to December 2022 20% for the bimonthly period from January to February 2023 15% for the bimonthly period from March to April 2023 15% for the bimonthly period from May to June 2023 You can select one or more of the options below.

Bank transfer (monthly, bi-monthly or annual; bank account in euros or NIS);

The rate of bank transfers must be communicated to to establish the date and amount of each bank transfer.

Bank transfers can be organized as a permanent transfer order to an LFJ bank account.

An agreed amount that will be debited from your bank account on certain dates, so that full payment of tuition fees is complete by June 30, 2023 (proof of permanent bank transfer will be requested).

You will find attached the information concerning bank transfers. If you choose monthly or bi-monthly bill payment, a reminder of the amount due will be sent to you on the agreed deadline.

A maximum of 10 checks (monthly or fortnightly) equivalent to your children's total tuition fees, to be provided with the last check dated no later than June 30, 2023. (Only Israeli checks will be accepted).

The checks will be placed securely at the school and you have two options:

Either the school cashes the checks in its bank account Either you will be able to collect your checks in exchange for payment in cash* one week before the date of the check.

* Cash payment: please note that according to the law, the school will only be able to accept a maximum amount of 6000 NIS per family or 10% of the total bill (provided that it does not exceed 6000 NIS).

Please note the following information:

- Differences due to variations in the exchange rate will be regularized at the end of the school year.

- Re-registration fees for the 2023/2024 school year will be invoiced separately in June 2023.

- Child care will be billed separately every two months.

- The Solidarity Fund: a sum of 50 NIS per child per year is added to your bill in order to help families who need it.


If you do not wish to participate in this initiative and do not wish to donate 50 NIS to the Solidarity Fund, please inform the DAF in writing.

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