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Once through the back door of 66 Hanevi’im street, the excitement of Jerusalem and the vitality of its main artery give way to a haven of peace, the Saint Joseph convent which hosts the very unique French Lycée of Jerusalem.

Since 1967, the solemnity of this place, its century-old trees have been faithful witnesses of another beating heart, that of the educational community of an establishment approved by the AEFE which welcomes children from 3 to 18 years old, from small section in the final year class.

All levels are approved by the Ministry of National Education, thus guaranteeing pursuit of higher studies internationally. It is in this multicultural and multilingual context that French education is learned in complementarity with Arabic, Hebrew, English, Spanish and Latin. It is in this bubbling microcosm of history, memory and above all the future that learners also explore the paths that open them to understanding the world, others and themselves. From early learning to the ceremony of honor in the garden of the French Consulate for the graduation ceremony, everyone here contributes to co-constructing the verticality and sociability of the children entrusted to us.

From teachers, parents, staff to the actors of the management committee and the association of friends of the LFJ, all ensure, in shared governance, the quality of teaching, the transmission of the treasures of the language and French culture. Welcome to you all,

Welcome to all of you

Bienvenue, bienvenido, هلاً وسهلاً , ברוכים הבאים



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