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Reading challenge in 5th and 4th grades

Tuesday 06/27/2023. At the instigation of Ms. Stuczynski, it has now become a tradition at L.F.J: from CP to 4th grade, all classes mobilize their reading talents to challenge each other, by age group, in mastering five to eight books. discovered in free reading during the year, on the basis of the various subscriptions offered by the school of Leisure.The 4th and 5th grades ended the year in style with often tricky questions. To win, you had to know that what the boar in Henri dans l'île suffers from is a bad reputation; that those to whom Marco addresses thanks in The Island under the Sea are the steps of the staircase; that his brother's letter contains 94 spelling errors; that what Blue feels in Les Vous, after having touched a wrist, it is a forearm... It is finally the Tartines team (4th) who won the tournament against the Chicken Nuggets of 5th, whose tenacity was remarkable. But the finalists were closely followed by Les Indecis and Les Anonymes (5th), as well as by another pair of 4th, Mazen and Rami.Everyone celebrated the outcome of the tournament with great treats. The winning team was of course entitled to a small supplement... and a gift book!

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