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International Earth Day

International Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, in the United States.Since then, it has been honored every year by more than 500 million people in 184 different countries!At the French school, we also think about the planet and we celebrated this day on April 28, 2023 with joy and good humor.

The class delegates in charge of this day intervened in all classes from kindergarten to Terminale to distribute “I love my planet” stickers worn by everyone that day.They explained to them the importance of taking care of the planet and encouraged the students to take daily action to preserve the environment.The delegates supervised the primary school pupils CE1-CE2/CM1-CM2 for a treasure hunt full of surprises.

CP students took part in a dynamic treasure hunt.The objective is to learn simple gestures to sort waste.

Every action is important.

So LET'S ACT!!!!

Thank you to all the delegates for their commitment and a big congratulations to Norah Dragaj and Isabel Gallebo Rodriguez who completely organized the treasure hunt.Our planet needs us all the time.let's be gentle with her


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