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Fruit salad in Thith Grade

The students had to write a text about a fruit (without naming it), using comparisons and metaphors and mentioning the 5 senses, so as to make people guess which fruit it was.


This fruit is sweet. If you want to eat it, you have to peel it. This fruit is round in shape like a balloon. You can eat it without using a knife to cut it. This fruit grows on trees in fields and many people have these trees in their gardens. The color of this fruit is orange like candy and it smells like very sweet perfume. When you touch it, it is very smooth and this fruit is very juicy, so many people make juice from it.


In the garden there is something very sweet orange. When you peel it, it smells very good, like candy. When we eat it, it's very sweet and full of bubbles in the mouth, like a fresh juice that makes us smile!


Here is a small round fruit. It is green on the outside and white on the inside. It has seeds in the middle and when you touch it, you feel little black dots. When I open it I hear like orange juice flowing. It's not particularly soft. Its smell resembles that of yellow apple and when I eat it I taste like candy. It grows on trees and has many health benefits.


The fruit I'm talking about is one of the most famous fruits in the world! On the outside it has an orange color and on the inside it is also orange. It’s rounder than a football, it’s easier to grow than our hair and it’s delicious like Christmas candy! The exterior is smooth like plastic. This fruit is often used to make juice. When it falls, it makes a loud, popping sound. And when we touch it, our hands smell like candy. This fruit is very rich in vitamin C.


The fruit I am going to tell you about is extraordinary and creative. It can be pink or orange. It grows on a cactus, it's a tree with spines like the stem of a rose but bigger. The exterior is made up of soft spines like those of a pineapple, and their tips are green. Her skin is soft like that of a peach. The interior can be pink or white. It also contains small black seeds that are the size of strawberry seeds. The latter has a peach flavor with a little aftertaste. It has a sweet and enviable smell, it’s a marvel! The flesh has a nectarine texture. This fruit is a real traveler! It comes from Vietnam where the locals call it “tanh long”. When I see this fruit, I imagine myself in another universe: I hear the local birds singing harmonious and catchy melodies in full voice in an infinite dance. This fruit is adventure itself and an open door to new experiences.


Arriving in the Philippine Islands, I observe expanses of green and orange trees. These colors give a sparkling impression like those of the rainbow and the smell is that of a field of roses that has just been watered. This fruit, now known all over the world, is special in the Philippines: it is delicious, it melts in your mouth from the first bite and takes you to an absolutely imaginary place. When cutting it, it makes a sound almost like a walnut being tried to open. Already opened, this fruit spreads a scent of perfume throughout the room. On the outside, its skin may be rough and yellowish if it is too soft. This fruit is torn off very easily and a juicy liquid comes out.


After arriving in Spain, I saw oddly shaped fruits, covered in green cloth with black lines. Inside, it was all red with black seeds like coal. The taste melted in your mouth like sugar. It had the scent of raspberries. His skin was smooth like that of a newborn. You could hear the sound of crunching in the mouth. It grows from the earth and when you cut it, the juice flows everywhere like water.


Today I tasted the best fruit in the world. It smelled aromatic like flowers, it was smooth and soft. When I cut it open and looked at it, it looked fresh. This fruit was red with small black seeds on the inside and light green on the outside. I then took a small piece for a snack. When I put it in my mouth, fresh juice exploded in my mouth. It was very good, even the best fruit I have tasted in my life! It tasted like a mix of strawberry and raspberry. I should mention that it was shaped like a ball and very heavy. I was very excited but as I was eating it, it fell to the ground and there was a deafening noise.


I am in love with this fruit: the outside is very smooth but the inside is a kind of juicy mango. When you tap it, it makes a deep sound like a didgeridoo. When you cut it, a river of juice flows out and its taste is so sweet that it tastes like honey. It smells like cotton candy and is more refreshing than a cold drink on the coldest day of the year! For me it is undoubtedly the best fruit in the world!


In the garden, something magnificent hides under a yellow skin like the sun. It's very soft, like an ultra smooth fabric. When you touch it, it smells very good, like flowers mixed with sugar. And when we eat it, it's as if a cocktail of flavors dances in our mouth, sweet but also very refreshing, a bit like a tropical juice. This fruit makes us feel like we are traveling to far away places where the weather is always nice.

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