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Recycling at L.F.J

Fighting to reduce plastic has been one of the L.F.J’s challenges for several years. Habits are difficult to change, which is why students are taking actions to raise awareness among students young and old. It is important to instill the importance of small gestures.

This year, C.V.L students with the help of the 5th grade delegate and 4th grade classmates, all interested in this theme, prepared interventions: video, Slideshow, Kahoot, to emphasize the need to act at our level .

Each of us must participate in saving the planet. By bringing water bottles and boxes for your meals, you contribute.

Recycling is not just an action, it is the preservation of the world and its resources.

Thanks to Waheeb, Waad, Aleksey, Nabil, Théophane and Isabelle for their investment in this project.

Bravo to all of you.

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