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Testimony of Ms. Berthe BADEHI

This Thursday, 05/16/2024, the students of the 3rd and 2nd year classes received at the C.D.I Mrs. Berthe BADEHI (92 years old),

Berthe was a Jewish child hidden by

Mrs. Marie MASSONNAT, a widowed peasant from a small village in Savoie. Berthe told us her moving and humane story. Ms. Marie Massonnat received the Medal of the Righteous (posthumously) awarded by the Yad Vashem Museum in 1997.

The person you can see in the video conference is Mr. Bernard MASSONNAT, grandson of Marie MASSONNAT.

The Consul General of France in Jerusalem was also present at this conference as well as representatives of the Romain Gary French Cultural Center and the Yad Vashem Museum.

At the end of the conference and as a thank you for her testimony, a bouquet of flowers and a sweatshirt with the L.F.J logo were offered to Berthe BADEHI.

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